Simply healthy living
Simply healthy living
Simply healthy living


Welcome at Volopharm


Volopharm is a young company dedicated to bringing high quality, state-of-the-art products based on natural substances to market. Our name stands for products that

  • Are modern
  • Feature high-activity ingredients
  • Are safe

The nutritional supplements and dietary products developed and produced by Volopharm are innovative, largely free of side effects, and naturally support your body and immune system with natural enzymes and active ingredients.


Preparations and dietary supplements from Volopharm - Natural and without side effects


KaRazym - Enzymes for better living

Enzyme therapy

KaRazym tablets are a highly effective enzyme combination preparation which

⇒ Supports stressed joints

⇒ Shortens muscle recovery time after exercise

⇒ Supports women in the climacteric period

Packung SanDermin

SanDermin - Clear skin the natural way

Stop the pimples!

SanDermin capsules support a clear skin with the active ingredients Lactoferrin and Zinc. They act quickly and effectively against skin impurities and pimples.

Packung SanFerin

SanFerin - protects naturally

Antibiotic by nature

SanFerin tablets strengthen the defense against Bacteria and Viruses. Acts naturally

⇒ Against respiratory tract infections

⇒ Against urinary tract infections

⇒ To support the immune system